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Hearing Aids

Boutique hearing are not owned or directly affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturer.  We are 100% a locally owned and operated company. Our goal is to find you the right hearing aid solution which is best suited for your lifestyle.

Hearing impairment affects many people at different stages of their lives. 55% of people over 60 years of age have some degree of hearing loss, rising to over 70% of people by the time they reach 70 and 93% of people 81 years and older. This shows that if your hearing is deteriorating it isn’t unusual at all. Hearing loss can affect your quality of life and it’s never too late to do something about it, so if you have any concerns book an appointment and talk to one of our qualified audiologists who will be happy to help.

5 Year Warranty on Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids come with a 5-year warranty period, which includes maintenance.

How do you decide on a hearing aid?

Once we have completed your hearing test and discussed what’s important to you and your lifestyle, we can determine what type of hearing aid will be most suitable.  Whilst there are many brands which all have unique and common features the first option is to decide on the style of hearing aid. With a wide range of styles available to choose from, each style is better suited for specific hearing needs, and they are often linked with different lifestyles. Hearing aids come in different brands, sizes, styles, and prices, and these all are dependent on your hearing needs, choice of lifestyle, and budget. Our consultation will take account of all these factors in advising you of a suitable hearing aid solution.

Different Hearing Aids


Behind The Ear (BTE)


Receiver in the Canal


Custom Styled (HS, ITE and FS)

Behind The Ear (BTE)

A lot of customizable options are available with BTEs as you can choose from different sizes, colours, and cosmetically appealing options. Based on the choice of style you can choose from slimmer options or go for standard tubing.

Receiver in the Canal (RIC)

As the name suggests these hearing aids sit behind the ear. Based on its small size offers it offers great discretion and privacy for all age groups. RICs come with one part behind and another part that is inside your ear. With variable power outputs, you can manage your hearing level if it improves or changes in the future. With advancement, some of these models come fully automated.

Custom Styles

Get custom-styled In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids, which are the smallest possible ear hearing aid that can fit in your ear canal. Half-Shell (HS) hearing aids can be purchased in custom styles and colours. HS hearing aids fill half the bowl of the outer ear and often come in colours that do not draw attention, allowing you to hear clearly without drawing unnecessary attention

Rechargeable hearing aids:

Rechargeable hearing aids don’t require frequent changing of batteries.
All above styles come with either standard or rechargeable options