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Hearing for Work

Noise pollution is a large factor which causes some form of hearing loss. It is important to take preventive measures early on to protect yourself from the long-term impacts.

Unprotected noise exposure and insufficient hearing protection devices can lead to a hearing loss, over time, temporarily or permanently. Occupational Noise Induced Hearing loss is a common case when improper protective measures are taken at workplace causing hearing impairment or hearing loss.

Hazardous noise in workplace can lead to the sensitive hair in the in the Cochlea, found in the inner ear, to be damaged and lose their sensitivity. It can also lead to permanent loss of hearing that greatly affects the worker’s life due to this hearing impairment and added expenses to manage his/her lifestyle.

Hearing Assessment

It is expected that 1 in 4 Australians will have a hearing loss by 2050.   Earmuffs are one form of ear protection to wear when working in an environment with loud noise such as drills, engines, excavators, loud music and lawn mowers.

It may be possible that access to hearing devices can be covered under Workcover as well as compensation for that loss.

Types of Workplace Hearing Assessments and Services: