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Hearing Tests

Over time, our hearing slowly begins to deteriorate, and occasionally, the people around us notice it even before we do. Hearing loss can occur in several ways; it can be a sudden silence that happens randomly or it could be a gradual decrease in how well one can hear. It is a condition that often goes unnoticed but can affect anyone at any age. Through hearing tests, audiologists can detect the potential hearing losses and prescribe treatment that is best suited to you.

Some signs of deterioration are:


Increasing the sound of the radio or television.


Unable to hear the indicators ticking in the motor vehicle.


Struggling to hear conversations with background noise such as in restaurants and cafés.

Comprehensive Hearing Test

Based on the results of your free hearing checks, we offer you a comprehensive hearing assessment which may take up to 60 minutes. All hearing tests are carried out by our Audiologist who is qualified and registered with Audiology Australia.  Aditee will assess your hearing and diagnose the severity of your hearing loss.  She will discuss with you the most suitable treatment options to help you enhance your hearing and life.

Following our comprehensive diagnostic hearing test, you will be very clearly able to understand what your hearing is like and what impact that might have on your quality of life and what can be done about it. Aditee will take the time and go over the test results and the outcome with you , so you can make informed decision about what you would like to do.