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Pure Tone Audiometry

Hearing Test for Kids

Aditee has been working with children of all ages for over 15 years. The earlier a hearing loss is detected, you will be able to assist your child in avoiding speech and learning difficulties. Often parents believe children have “selective hearing” however it could be that the child has an undiagnosed hearing loss which is most often temporary but also in some cases permanent. We believe all children should have a hearing test prior to starting their education (Ideally preschool).

It is not uncommon to see children exhibit learning difficulties, attention deficits, speech impediments, behavioural problems as a consequence of an undiagnosed underlying hearing deficit. Humans are very good at learning to lip read sometimes without realising it. It’s also difficult to understand and communicate that you have a loss when you are accustomed with hearing at a certain level your whole life. How would you know that others hear more clearly? We only know what we have always been able to hear.

Boutique Hearing work with children from the age of 3 years.


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How It Works

A hearing check consultation is very important to us to ensure that you get the best professional care We perform a simple quick screening check to determine if further testing is required. We provide this FREE of cost to eligible clients.

Based on the results of your free hearing checks, we offer you a comprehensive hearing assessment which may take up to 60 minutes. All hearing tests are carried out by our Audiologist who is qualified and registered with Audiology Australia. Aditee will assess your hearing and diagnose the severity of your hearing loss. She will discuss with you the most suitable treatment options to help you enhance your hearing and life.

Our hearing test will determine the degree of hearing loss and with which sounds and situations the loss will occur.

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