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Pure Tone Audiometry

Hearing Tests for General Practitioners

Why Us?
Boutique Hearing is an independent Audiology clinic who prides itself on its personal and caring service. We will provide excellence in hearing care for medical professionals and their patients.

We are not owned by any multinational hearing aid retailer or hearing aid manufacturer. Promising to offer your patients an independent and honest hearing assessment.

When you refer your patient to Boutique Hearing they will be given the highest quality hearing care,  valuable products and solutions to help them achieve better hearing in the situation they are struggling in the most, which we know can be different for different people.

We can provide all audiological services at your practice by having an audiologist visit your practice, your patients can visit at one of our convenient locations or in the comfort of their own home.

Our Services Include:

  • Free quick hearing check for anyone over the age of 50
  • Full comprehensive audiological evaluation including Pure tone assessment with air and bone conduction and Speech assessment.
  • Middle ear function evaluation using tympanometry.
  • Comprehensive hearing aid assessment and fitting if no contraindications exist and a permanent sensorineural hearing loss is diagnosed.
  • Demonstration of hearing aids and personalised hearing solutions
  • Pre employment hearing assessment
  • Continual care for the life of hearing aids
  • Hearing protection and assistive listening devices
  • Quality report on patient results send to you promptly after each test

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How It Works

A hearing check consultation is very important to us to ensure that you get the best professional care We perform a simple quick screening check to determine if further testing is required. We provide this FREE of cost to eligible clients.

Based on the results of your free hearing checks, we offer you a comprehensive hearing assessment which may take up to 60 minutes. All hearing tests are carried out by our Audiologist who is qualified and registered with Audiology Australia. Aditee will assess your hearing and diagnose the severity of your hearing loss. She will discuss with you the most suitable treatment options to help you enhance your hearing and life.

Our hearing test will determine the degree of hearing loss and with which sounds and situations the loss will occur.

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