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Police HT and Pilot License Hearing Tests

Welcome to Boutique Hearing, where our seasoned expertise caters to specialized hearing assessments finely tuned for a variety of occupational requirements, notably in sectors like the Police Force, Aviation, and various industries.

Prospective candidates for the Police Force like Victoria Police must navigate mandatory formal audiometry sessions as part of their comprehensive medical evaluation. This entails the meticulous completion of Section 3 in the Victoria Police medical assessment booklet, a task executed with precision by our certified audiologists. With our extensive experience in conducting numerous police-related hearing tests annually, we guarantee the thorough fulfillment of Section 3 as mandated.

For professionals in the aviation sector, including Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, Boutique Hearing conducts assessments aligned with the exacting audiogram standards set forth by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

In strict adherence to WorkSafe regulations, employees working in noise-exposed environments are compelled to undergo initial hearing tests to establish their baseline hearing capacity. Subsequent tests should be conducted every two years, and our facility stands ready to provide all essential employment-related hearing tests for these individuals.

Our assessment sessions, averaging around 30 minutes, are expertly administered by seasoned Audiologists who not only ensure the accuracy of the tests but also assist in completing crucial forms for employment assessments. To streamline your appointment, it’s crucial to come prepared with all necessary documentation, forms, and identification.

To effortlessly schedule your pre-employment hearing test, contact Boutique Hearing at 0413131012 and embark on a hassle-free appointment experience.